When Should I Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

Posted in Divorce on January 10, 2019

Divorce proceedings can be complex and emotional for the parties involved. One of your first decisions to make when you decide to enter divorce litigation is whether you should hire an attorney. Fort Mill divorce lawyers provide numerous benefits for their clients and allow for a smoother process. However, traditional divorce attorney services may not… read more

The Benefits of Trying Divorce Mediation First

Posted in Divorce,Mediation on December 11, 2018

Divorce mediation is often a better option for the dissolution of a marriage. The act of dividing a previously shared life into separate worlds includes issues of assets, finances, and future plans, and those discussions can be difficult. More importantly, divorce often includes serious, often difficult, discussions about custody and the financial care of children… read more

How Do I Know If Need a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

Posted in Marriage on December 3, 2018

Deciding whether a prenuptial is right for you and your spouse-to-be is a very personal decision. Though loved ones and friends can offer advice, a Fort Mill prenuptial agreement attorney likely has the insight to help you decide whether you need a pre-nup. Prenuptial agreements should not be scary or seem taboo, despite the negative… read more

What Do I Need to Do to Get My Custody Agreement Revised?

Posted in Child Custody on November 7, 2018

After settling a divorce, there may come a time for modification in child custody. One or both parents may have a new or different working situation, or perhaps the child is older and has made a request for a change in visitation. It could also depend upon the financial position of a parent. Whatever the… read more

What Can I Do If I Keep Receiving Late or No Alimony Payments?

Posted in Alimony on November 3, 2018

In South Carolina, the alimony laws are undergoing some serious changes. In an alimony decision, usually the more financially secure spouse pays the less financially secure spouse a weekly or monthly stipend. The basis of payment is usually dependent upon the length of the marriage, education of the spouse and the assets involved. Until recently,… read more

What Types of Property Are Involved in Property Division Cases?

Posted in Divorce,Property Division on October 24, 2018

South Carolina property division laws during a divorce take the form of equitable distribution. This is the same as most other states. Equitable distribution means that both spouses share a right to marital property, but not to non-marital property. A judge will divide marital property based on many different factors, from the length of the… read more

The Process of Terminating Parental Rights

Posted in Child Custody on October 24, 2018

Parental rights are the legal rights of a parent to make major decisions regarding a child’s healthcare, education, and religion, as well as to take certain actions on behalf of a child. Biological parents, foster or adoptive parents, and legal guardians who may claim parental rights. Terminating someone’s parental rights takes away that person’s ability… read more

When Do Grandparents Have the Right to Claim Custody of a Child?

Posted in Child Custody on September 14, 2018

When people think of child custody arrangements, it’s usually in relation to parental divorce. However, parents aren’t the only ones who can have a right to custody. In some circumstances, the grandparents can become the legal guardians of a child. However, doing so is most often an uphill legal battle that requires meeting several prerequisites…. read more

How to Prove Adultery in South Carolina

Posted in Divorce on September 3, 2018

Adultery not only means betraying your partner’s trust, but it can also lead to filing for divorce. If one spouse wishes to use adultery as the grounds for divorce, he or she must prove his or her spouse’s adulterous behavior. How Does South Carolina Law Define Adultery? Like all other states, South Carolina has its… read more

How to Support Your Children During a Divorce

Posted in Divorce on August 14, 2018

Divorce has an inherently negative connotation, but there are some cases in which divorce is an indisputably good thing for the spouses involved. However, for a divorcing couple with children, the news that the parents’ marriage is ending is likely to hit the children the hardest. No matter how you and your ex-spouse feel about… read more