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Legal issues can have serious implications and impacts on your day-to-day-life. That’s why we work tirelessly to deliver the best possible outcome on your behalf.

We’re a firm focused on family and injury law – and we realize just how unique each case is. In times where families are going through tough situations, we provide guidance for divorce, child custody, child support, separation or alimony, equitable retribution, personal injury, and various other cases.

What is Family Law?

Family law involves legal issues within family or domestic relationships. This includes divorce, child custody, child support, and estate planning. Handling these matters often requires hiring an attorney. A family law attorney has the skill to take on even the most complex family law cases while protecting the client’s best interests. Family law has its own statutes, civil court systems, and protocols for filing claims in South Carolina. It is a separate area of law from personal injury and criminal law.

The goal of most family law cases is to settle a point of contention between two or more parties within a family, or between a family member and the state. To enter into a marriage, terminate a marriage, settle property disputes, create a child custody plan, adopt a child, establish paternity, and plan the future of an estate in Fort Mill, you must deal with the state’s family laws. A family law attorney can help you navigate different laws according to your unique needs and the jurisdiction of your case.


Family Law in Fort Mill

Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

Settling tense matters between family members can be strenuous on familial relationships. Fights and disagreements can make an already stressful situation, such as a divorce, even harder for the parties involved. Handling your case on your own also runs the risk of missing important statutes, making a filing mistake, and costing yourself more time and money. A family lawyer from David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC, can ease your mind and handle the complex legal issues of your case.

You may need a family law attorney in Fort Mill if you’re planning any major changes in your family dynamic. Adding a member to your family, terminating a marriage contract, and changing child custody rules deserve attention from a lawyer, who will have experience with these types of cases and the knowledge to walk you through the legal process. If your spouse or another defendant hires a lawyer, make sure you get one of your own to even the playing field.

South Carolina Family Law Statutes

The greater your grasp on family laws in your state, the better. Your lawyer can walk you through the nuances of specific laws that might apply to your case, but it can give you peace of mind to know the basics of the state’s family law statutes ahead of time. While each case is unique, a few main laws are likely to apply in most situations. One South Carolina statute we believe potential clients should know about deals with marital property laws.

Marriage and divorce deal with the state’s property laws. South Carolina is an equitable distribution state, meaning that assets spouses acquire during marriage are shared properties. The court will divide these properties in a way that’s “fair and equitable,” but will not touch non-marital property, such as assets each spouse had prior to entering the marriage.

Chapter 3 of South Carolina’s Code of Laws delves into the state’s family laws. It explains how state courts will handle child custody, visitation, property division, divorce, adoption, estate planning, domestic matters, and more. Ask our lawyer for more information about the applicable laws in your individual case.

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The team under David W. Martin is uniquely suited to represent families and individuals in South Carolina. Our family lawyer has handled family law cases in and around Fort Mill for years. David Martin grew up in Fort Mill and created the firm to represent those in his community who need legal assistance. If you’re one such party, contact us today. We’ll discuss your case in depth during a confidential legal evaluation. Learn your rights and options with our help. Call (803) 577-5590 today.



We have the knowledge and confidence necessary to handle the complex personal and legal issues that affect your family life.


Your kids’ well-being during the divorce process is likely atop the list of your concerns. If you are considering separation or divorce, it is best to consult with a professional you can trust.


We focus on individual needs and provide clients with the knowledge, tools, and understanding needed to navigate the complications that may arise during the legal process.


If you have been injured by the negligence or actions of others, there are laws in South Carolina that ensure your protection and just compensation.


Attorney David W. Martin

David Martin was born and raised in Fort Mill, South Carolina where he graduated from Fort Mill High School and then went on to attend Coastal Carolina University. Soon after graduating from Coastal Carolina University, David became involved in custody proceedings through the Family Court. After experiencing first-hand the family court system, it was during this time that David found his true passion, to become a family law/divorce attorney.

Years later, David has combined his passion of family law and his love for his hometown. On February 2, 2018, in memory of his mother, Debbie, David opened the law firm of David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC. in his hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina, only minutes from the house where he grew up.

David W. Martin, Attorney at Law is a highly experienced and compassionate attorney with focused practice areas in Family Law and Personal Injury Law. Skilled at handling complex and contentious cases as well as problem-solving and settlement negotiation for those who wish to avoid the courtroom, David W. Martin proudly serves York and Lancaster Counties.


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