In Need Of a Grandparents Rights Attorney?

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our grandparents’ rights lawyers in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, South Carolina understand how important grandkids are, and what an integral part their grandparents play in their growth and success.

We also understand their legal rights and the issues that affect a judge’s decision to include them in their grandchildren’s lives, when the parents’ divorce, live separately, are deceased, are incarcerated, or deemed unfit, so the child’s well-being is the overall focus.

Do Grandparents’ Rights Include Visitation in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, South Carolina?

South Carolina laws recognize the important role grandparents can play in a grandchild’s life and may grant visitation rights when the parents are divorced or living separately.

When the children will benefit from grandparent visitation, it may be ordered by the courts.

The courts will also heavily weigh the facts of grandparent visitation interfering with the parent-child relationship.

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, grandparents’ rights lawyers know that many custodial parents may deem grandparents’ rights as interference or a method of questioning their parenting skills, which can cause them to become defensive.

The reality is, when grandparents offer substantial benefits to being part of their grandkids’ lives, our Fort Mill, SC family law attorneys want them to pursue their rights and achieve success.

When Can Grandparents Pursue Custody of Their Grandchildren in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC?

When grandparents’ rights extend beyond visitation into custody arrangements, it is often the result of a severe and irreparable breakdown in the child’s parental unit.

Simply put, parents typically have custodial rights to their children in South Carolina unless there is proof that they are no longer capable of caring for their children on their own.

Grandparents may be entitled to pursue custody of their grandchild when either of the child’s parents is/has: 

  • Deceased
  • Unfit, due to abuse, neglect, drug, or alcohol abuse
  • Forfeited their parental rights

A grandparent may also qualify as a de facto custodian — or proven to be the primary caregiver and financial supporter of the child when:

  • The child is under three years of age and has resided with the grandparent for six months or more
  • The child is three years of age or older and das resided with the grandparent for one year

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our grandparents’ rights attorneys understand that even if you have had your grandchild living with you for an extended time while the parents were unable to care for them or when they could not be found, they can always come back and assume their rights.

These emotional circumstances occur more often than most would like, which is why our grandparents’ rights lawyers in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC focus on building strong cases for our clients who want to support their grandkids through visitation or custody trials.

We understand that being a part of your grandkids’ lives brings stability and love that cannot be substituted in other relationships, which is why we work so hard to preserve it.

We can do the same for you, so you know exactly what your grandparents’ rights are in South Carolina.

Your Grandparents’ Rights Case is Going to Require Evidence to Succeed in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill

Unfortunately, when parents get divorced, the grandparents are usually the first to lose the time they shared with their grandkids. As both parents begin their new lives, invites to birthday parties and other social events often stop making their way to the grandparents, which can leave a void in their lives that lead to pursuing legal remedies.

It is important to know that this is not a justifiable cause for obtaining visitation rights or custody of your grandchildren in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill.

Pursuing grandparents’ rights requires evidence that the grandchildren will be better off with your involvement in their lives, which is something we take very seriously because we understand the importance.

If you believe one parent is purposely withholding visitation, that may be another story.

Your grandparents’ rights case in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill is unique and will be handled with a customized legal approach to pursue results.

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