Serious Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Mill, South Carolina

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our Fort Mill, South Carolina criminal defense lawyers recognize most people understand the direct consequences of a criminal conviction, including jail time, fines, probation, and a tarnished criminal record.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Fort Mill South Carolina, there are multiple collateral consequences too that may interrupt both your personal and professional life, including:

  • Loss or restriction of a professional license
  • Ineligibility for public funds including student loans or welfare benefits
  • Loss of voting rights
  • Inability to legally carry a firearm
  • Ineligibility for jury duty
  • Deportation

Criminal charges, in any capacity, even in their simplest form, can lead to much larger penalties than the obvious jail time. The costs associated with even a misdemeanor conviction may appear on an online background check, which can keep you from getting a job or being trusted in social situations.

Do not leave your charges chance, as even first-time offenders may be heavily penalized by the solicitor’s office without an experienced Fort Mill, South Carolina criminal defense lawyer by your side.

Contact our criminal defense lawyers in Fort Mill, South Carolina today at (803) 548-2468 to understand exactly what your charges mean to your life going forward.

Fort Mill, South Carolina Trial-Tested Criminal Defense Lawyers Practice Areas

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our criminal defense attorney in Fort Mill, SC focus on providing the best outcome available for each of our clients by understanding each detail of their case, and how it affects their life.

Each criminal charge is unique, and the severity of the charges against you will vary based on the seriousness of the alleged crime and how it was attempted or accomplished.

The solicitor’s office will also consider your criminal history, and any extenuating circumstances surrounding the charges, to combine or add offenses that will need to be disputed well before your court date.

Our Fort Mill, SC Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight For Clients Who Have Been Charged With:

Our criminal defense attorneys in Fort Mill, South Carolina strongly suggest you speak with one of our lawyers during a consultation to learn the real-time effect your charges will have on your rights and freedom, so we can build your defense accordingly.

Skilled Fort Mill Assault and Battery Lawyers

Assault and battery can be charged together, or separately, depending on the circumstances.

  • Assault covers the act of causing someone to fear that another will cause them physical harm
  • The battery is when the victim suffers actual, physical harm

The penalties can include up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine to 20 years imprisonment, depending on the severity of your unique charges.

If you are facing any degree of assault and battery charges in Fort Mill, contact our criminal defense attorneys in Fort Mill, SC before facing the solicitor’s office during your first court date.

We want to ensure you have the legal resources you need to make informed decisions about how your case proceeds inside or outside the courtroom.

Compassionate Domestic Violence Lawyers in Fort Mill, South Carolina

In Fort Mill, South Carolina, our Domestic Violence laws state that it is unlawful to threaten or attempt to cause harm or injury to a household member, or the accomplished act.

Household members include:

  • Spouses or former spouses
  • Two people who have children together
  • A couple who lives together or have lived together

Our domestic violence lawyers in Fort Mill, SC understand that being accused of hurting someone close to you can come with an array of emotions that are difficult to overcome. Do not let your emotional state get the best of you if you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence. Stay calm and exercise your right to remain silent before contacting our Fort Mill experienced criminal defense lawyers to learn how we can help strengthen your case, so you can get your life back.

Shoplifting Defense Attorneys in Fort Mill, South Carolina

In South Carolina, not paying an item’s retail price, or any action that is meant to defraud a company, business, or merchant is described as shoplifting.

Shoplifting penalties in Fort Mill, South Carolina are dictated by the value of the property the individual attempted to take and comes will penalties ranging from fines of up to $1,000 and jail time from fewer than 30 days up to ten years in jail.

Contact our shoplifting lawyers in Fort Mill today to learn the extent of your charges, so you know exactly how the solicitor’s office plans to pursue your case and to ensure you have a proper defense in place to pursue the best outcome for your unique circumstances.

Driving Under the Influence or DUAC Lawyers in Fort Mill, South Carolina

In South Carolina, a driver may be charged with a DUI or a DUAC, depending on the circumstances of why/how they were pulled over, and the evidence that was obtained by law enforcement officials during the stop.

South Carolina law prohibits driving a vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC, of .08% or higher.

When your BAC, is less than .08%, it can still be considered with other evidence like a failed field sobriety test for a DUAC charge. Our Fort Mill DUAC statute states that no evidence of impairment is necessary for a conviction.

A DUI charge requires proof that you drove while materially and appreciably impaired by alcohol, drugs, or both.

Whether this is your first DUI or DUAC charge, or a subsequent charge, including a second or more DUI in Fort Mill, South Carolina, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Fort Mill, South Carolina to represent your case, so you are not left facing the solicitor’s office on your own.

Fort Mill, South Carolina Traffic Violations Lawyers

Traffic violations can lead to severe legal consequences, including heavy fines and the loss of your driver’s license.

Our traffic violations attorneys in Fort Mill represent clients who were cited for:

  • Distracted driving or texting while driving
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Failure to obey a stop sign or traffic signal
  • Hit-and-run
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Vehicular manslaughter

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle Attorneys in Rock Hill, South Carolina

In South Carolina, possession of stolen vehicle charges require two specific certainties:

  1. That the accused had control of the vehicle, which means he or she was driving it
  2. That the accused had knowledge that the vehicle was stolen

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your unique charges, possession of a stolen vehicle can be a misdemeanor or felony and will require an experienced Rock Hill criminal defense attorney to provide the representation you need to pursue the best outcome.

Drug Crimes Lawyers in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Drug charges in South Carolina come with firm penalties, as our state works hard to avoid falling prey to controlled substance dangers law enforcement officials are grappling with across the country.

Our residents must understand the penalties associated with drug crimes, including marijuana, which is completely illegal in South Carolina — and has not been decriminalized — can change their lives.

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our drug crimes attorneys in Fort Mill represent clients who have been charged with, drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, distribution, trafficking, and manufacturing of all types of drugs, including cocaine, methamphetamines, and prescription drugs.

Fort Mill, South Carolina Gun Crimes Attorneys

In South Carolina, there is no state permit required to possess a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.

However, gun owners must apply for and be issued a concealed carry license for handguns, if they plan to take the firearm outside their home.

It is also unlawful for a person who has been convicted of a violent crime to possess a firearm or ammunition if that crime was also classified as a felony offense.

If you have been charged with a gun crime, unlawfully carrying a gun, or using a gun during the commission of a crime, contact our Fort Mill criminal defense lawyers at (803) 548-2468 to discuss the penalties you are facing from the solicitor’s office, so we can begin building your defense.

Sex Crimes Attorneys in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Allegations of criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina could carry severe consequences, including jail time.

In addition, there may be long-term probation, heavy fines, and the requirement to register as a sex offender, which carries a life-long stigma that tarnishes both your personal and criminal records.

If you have been accused of a sex crime, including Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyer in Fort Mill, South Carolina today to protect your rights and create the legal solutions you need to avoid potential long-term life-changing penalties.

Murder or Attempted Murder Lawyers in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Fort Mill & Greenville Attempted Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, or Reckless Homicide charges can mean the end of your freedom.

While sentences differ, generally murder charges carry the possibility of a minimum sentence of 30 years, life without the possibility of parole, and even the death penalty.

Your choice of a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Mill, South Carolina can mean the difference between freedom and incarceration because experience matters. Our Fort Mill, South Carolina aggressive attempted murder and murder defense attorneys & law firm are here to help you face these difficult charges with positive solutions.

Contact Our Fort Mill Criminal Law Firm For consultation.

If you are accused or charged with a crime in Fort Mill, South Carolina, contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Fort Mill, South Carolina to schedule a consultation by calling (803) 548-2468 to learn how the solicitor’s office plans to proceed with your case, so we can begin building a strong defense to pursue the best outcome available for your unique charges.

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