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At David W. Martin Law Group, our Conway, South Carolina family law attorneys are passionate about protecting our clients’ rights during emotionally exhausting times caused by divorces, property division cases, and child custody matters that often leave them with more questions than answers.

We understand that the decisions made inside our offices, mediation sessions, and the courtroom are going to affect the rest of their lives, so it is important that we get it right the first time.

Our Horry County residents trust us to clearly lead them through complex family law dynamics, so they can tell us what they want from their unique case, and have confidence in our abilities to pursue those outcomes on their behalf. Our family law lawyers in Conway are focused, skilled, and ready to support your goals from our very first meeting.

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David W. Martin Law Group Conway, South Carolina Family Law Attorney

Family law focuses on issues involving family relationships, which can include divorce, child custody, financial issues — including alimony, child support, and property division — among other highly personal, confidential, and incredibly important components that shape the way our clients live their lives going forward.

At David W. Martin Law Group, our Conway family law lawyers draft important legal documents, including but not limited to, court petitions or property agreements that proactively produce results before representing clients during family court proceedings, negotiations, and mediation requirements.

Each aspect of your family law needs is important. And we will help ensure each is given the weight it requires to pursue a successful outcome, so you can start building your new life with confidence.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys in Conway, South Carolina

According to our South Carolina Laws, divorce can be granted in several ways in our state, including when one spouse commits:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion for one year
  • Habitual drunkenness, including that caused by alcohol, or the use of any narcotic drug
  • Physical cruelty

The other option can occur during no-fault proceedings, where either party can pursue a divorce after the spouses have not cohabitated for one year.

No matter what has set your marriage dissolution in motion, our Conway divorce lawyers can help outline the priorities for your new life, including your financial needs and property division, so your future is clear and not left to chance.

Property Division Lawyers in Conway, South Carolina

Typically, no matter how long a couple has been married, they will share some form of marital property that must be divided upon their decision to divorce.

Property Division in Conway can include all marital assets that were obtained during the time of the marriage, which can include houses, vehicles, bank accounts, and other investments that were shared — and was not solely one person’s when they entered the marriage or obtained as part of an inheritance or third-party gift.

This can often become a contentious part of any divorce, which is why our Conway property division attorneys do intensive research to determine each spouse’s holdings to learn what can be equitably distributed between the two parties.

Dedicated Conway, South Carolina Alimony Attorney 

Alimony / Spousal Support is a unique area of family law because it simply does not apply to every divorce.

Our Conway spousal support lawyers can help you determine your eligibility for alimony through an initial consultation where we can discuss the details the court will consider when weighing whether you receive or pay spousal supporting including:

  • Length of your marriage, and the standard of living during that time
  • Fault-based reasons for divorce
  • Separate and marital assets of each spouse
  • Each spouse’s educational background, employment history, and ability to earn
  • Child custody and child support agreements, when applicable

Spousal support can be awarded in a lump sum, periodically, as a rehabilitative resource until the spouse can earn money on their own, as reimbursement for their time away from work or while supporting the other while furthering their education or career, or as a result of a separation agreement, where one spouse pays the other while they no longer live together, up to or after a divorce.

Proficient Child Custody Lawyers in Conway, South Carolina

When spouses have children, child custody is usually the most important part of their divorce equation.

At David W. Martin Law Group, our child custody attorneys in Conway understand this means making difficult decisions about where the kids are going to live, go to school, and how they share their time with the other parent.

Each of these details must be considered fully to maximize the child’s best interests. Once we know what’s best for the kids, we can fight for your family inside and outside the courtroom, so they can continue to thrive.

Our Conway child custody lawyers handle traditional child custody cases, high conflict child custody disputes, parenting plan agreements, and other difficult circumstances, including:

We understand your kids are the most important thing in your life. We want to help you keep their priorities ahead of your divorce, so they can continue to enjoy their lives with both parents.

Thorough Child Support Attorneys in Conway, South Carolina

Raising a child is not cheap. And when parents are separated or divorced, there are suddenly two households that must be supported, so the children can continue the standard of living they enjoyed before the split.

As proficient child custody lawyers, we will outline your complete child support needs, so your kids have access to the financial support that makes a difference in their lives.

Divorce Negotiations Must Begin with Mediation in Conway, South Carolina

Mediation is required by all family courts in South Carolina when couples are pursuing a divorce. The goal of mediation is to work through the details of the divorce outside of the courtroom, which allows couples to maintain control of the decision-making process.

Although mediation is mandatory, they do not require spouses to reach an agreement during the process. When negotiations break down, couples can litigate their divorce case in court, where the judge will make decisions regarding their divorce based on the arguments presented by their attorneys.

If you believe you and your spouse can reach an agreement regarding property division, child custody, and other divorce details during mediation, you can save time and money while ensuring your case is finalized using your best interests.

No-Fault Divorces and Separation Agreements in Conway, South Carolina

Marital Agreements / Separation Agreements are a necessary part of starting the divorce proceedings in South Carolina because our state does not recognize legal separation. That means navigating the state’s separation laws may require an experienced Conway legal separation attorney if your spouse refuses to leave your house, if you are confused about your rights, or if you both would like to come to an agreeable settlement without a judge dictating the terms.

We can design agreements that include an Order of Separate Maintenance and Support, so you have the financial support you need to move forward with your life during the time requirement necessary to finalize your divorce.

Economic Stability in Conway, South Carolina

Nearly 25,000 people live in Conway, South Carolina, many of whom work in our hospitality industry, including the retail shops, restaurants, and bistros in the downtown area on the Riverwalk.

Other notable employers located in the Conway, South Carolina area include:

No matter where you work, you have the right to have an experienced family law attorney in Conway representing your best interests inside and outside the courtroom, and we are here to provide that opportunity to each of our residents whenever they may need us.

Contact the Family Law Attorneys in Conway at David W. Martin Law Group For a Consultation Today

If you have questions about divorce, child custody, or your financial future during a separation or divorce, contact our experienced family law attorneys in Conway, South Carolina today by calling (803) 548-2468 to speak with our accomplished lawyers today. We can provide unique solutions for your family law needs, so you can face your future with confidence. s

Conway, South Carolina Family Law Attorney FAQs

How Long Will My Conway Divorce Case Take?

Every Conway family law case is unique. The length of your case will be determined by how complex the issues are, including factors like child support, visitation rights, child custody, property, asset and debt division, and more. We will provide an outline for your case at the start of our partnership, so you can start looking towards the future while we work out each detail.

Can Someone Other than a Parent Get Custody of a Child in South Carolina?

Relatives like grandparents, close family members or friends, or others who wish to obtain custody of a child may be permitted to do so when the parents are incapable of caring for them, are deceased, or unable to be found. If you have relatives whose parents fall under these categories, we may be able to help you pursue guardianship of the children who need care.

How is Child Support Determined in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Department of Social Services Guidelines has a child support formula that outlines the parents’ gross monthly income weighed against monthly expenditures for things like daycare expenses, health insurance, and other important child-related care. Once the calculations are completed, the child support figure will be presented, agreed upon, or ordered directly from the court.



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