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In Need Of a Child Support Attorney?

In the State of South Carolina, both parents have an obligation to support and protect their children. That responsibility does not disappear when parents get divorced.

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our child support lawyers in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC understand that raising children is no easy task, especially when it comes to the financial requirements necessary to support their best interests and to ensure their livelihoods.

During and after divorce proceedings, their education, healthcare, extracurricular activities, and overall financial security lies in your hands. That is why we fight aggressively to ensure our clients receive the best child support outcome for their unique family dynamics.

Our child support attorneys in Fort Mill & Greenville, SC are dedicated to delivering financial solutions for our clients, so whether you are the one receiving child support or are the one paying child support the outcome is fair.

When Are Parents Legally Obligated to Pay Child Support in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC?

Under our South Carolina Child Support Guidelines, parents must ensure that their child(ren) has all the resources necessary to thrive following a divorce.

This is mostly accomplished through child support, which is defined as a legally enforceable payment plan for a child’s healthcare, education, housing, and physical needs.

How is Child Support Calculated in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC?

Calculating child support payments for both parties is not always a straightforward matter, as these payments will depend on your child custody arrangements.

During the divorce proceedings of spouses with minor children, child custody is determined, which will outline a shared parenting plan.

While it is possible for both parents to split custody 50/50, this is rarely the case.

Typically, one parent is designated as the primary “custodial parent,” with the other parent sharing time with their kids on weekends or specific days.

Once those details are determined, our family law attorneys in Fort Mill will turn our focus to our clients’ overall child support needs.

Because these arrangements are not always equal, one party may have an obligation to pay additional funding towards the child’s needs or one parent may need assistance with caring for the child day-to-day.

Financial stability is an important component of raising a healthy and happy family, which is why we work so hard to ensure we are pursuing the full child support allotment your household requires.

That figure will differ for each family we represent but will encompass each of your household’s unique needs based on many factors.

Those factors may include the:

  • Number of minor children you and your spouse share
  • Gross income of both parents
  • Childcare and education requirements
  • Healthcare expenses
  • Alimony payments assessed during the divorce, when applicable

Our Family Law Lawyers in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC Represent Clients in the Following Practice Areas:

The South Carolina Department of Social Services provides access to a child support calculator, which may be used to assess a rough estimate of your payments. However, you must speak with an experienced child support lawyer in Greenville to ensure each aspect of your financial support is outlined properly.

Our skilled child custody attorneys in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC offer compassionate counsel to provide experienced negotiation during disputes to ensure that your child support payments are fair and adequate for your child.

How Long Does Child Support Last in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC?

The amount of child support you receive or are ordered to pay typically continues until the child is 18 and has finished high school, or at the end of the school year when the child turns 19.

If there are extenuating circumstances or exceptional situations, including college costs or if the child is disabled, child custody can be extended beyond the standard age limit.

Can I Petition the Court for Child Support Modification in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC?

Child support orders are legally binding, which means the payer must meet that financial obligation each month to ensure the payment structure and provisions for the child’s healthcare coverage does not lapse over the required period.

However, either parent can request and review updated financial data from both parties to determine if the child support obligation should change.

Child support may be increased or decreased when there is a substantial change of circumstances with the keyword being “substantial.” Typically, smaller or temporary financial variations are not enough to pursue changes to an existing child support agreement.

Some of the most common reasons for seeking a change in child support terms can include, but are not limited to:

  • Job loss
  • Change in income, where the paying parent is making substantially less
  • Changes in where the child(ren) lives
  • A child becoming emancipated
  • When one parent suffers a medical condition, injury, or disability

If you have a substantial change that you would like to address, it is important to contact our experienced child support lawyers in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC  at (803) 548-2468 to act quickly.

Child support modifications are not retroactive.

That means if you become disabled in March, and are unable to meet your child support obligation, but do not file for a modification until August, the support can only be changed when the modification is approved from the August filing date.

The previous months must be paid using the originally mandated child support amount.

Modifications can also be requested by the custodial parent when their child’s expenses become more than the original order allowed.

Each of these circumstances will require legal guidance from a skilled child support attorney in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC so you can pursue the best outcome available for your unique financial circumstances.

Can I Partner with a Child Support Attorney Who Did Not Handle My Initial Divorce Proceedings?

Yes. You may partner with a family law attorney in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC who did not handle your initial divorce case to represent your child support needs, whether you are the parent paying or receiving the financial support.

Call Our Experienced Child Support Lawyers in Fort Mill, Greenville & Rock Hill, SC.

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our child support lawyers in South Carolina are available to discuss your family law needs during a consultation today by calling (803) 548-2468 or by contacting us online.

Whether you would like to talk about your child support obligation, how much your family is entitled to after a divorce, or modifications to current orders, our Greenville, SC family law attorneys are here to listen to your unique needs, so we can build a customized legal approach to producing results for you and your children.

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