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At the David W. Martin Law Group, our South Carolina accident and injury attorneys know that the increase in home deliveries from Amazon, Walmart, and other big box retail stores has increased delivery driver positions throughout the state and nationwide.

The other factor increasing alongside the number of delivery drivers and large trucks in our neighborhoods, on our city streets and interstates, is vehicle collisions.

In most cases, Amazon and other large truck delivery drivers are not required to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), so they do not have to take specific knowledge and skills tests to ensure they can adequately operate these large vehicles. This inexperience leads to significant crashes in residential areas and other drop-off locations in small and large cities throughout South Carolina.

The question is, who is liable for a delivery driver crash resulting in injuries or death? The answer is more complicated.

Amazon and Other Delivery Driver Accident Attorney

Who is Responsible for Delivery Driver Accidents in South Carolina?

It is nearly impossible to leave your South Carolina home, any day of the week, without encountering a delivery vehicle.

These individuals typically work for a larger corporation, whether in non-descript sprinter vans, Amazon or other branded vehicles or in their personal cars, trucks, or SUVs.

In most cases, when a delivery driver is operating the retailer’s vehicle on behalf of a company, the company shares the liability of a crash. In delivery driver accidents, the vehicle type makes liability more complicated. Here’s why.

Third-party services have grown exponentially over the past decade. These delivery drivers often work for third parties that employ them to deliver on behalf of Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers. Third-party service providers are paid for their services but do not have a stake, share, or equity in the company for which they deliver packages.

When one of the contractors is involved in and responsible for a collision, it depends solely on the facts of the crash, including who was at fault and if that person was working for another entity at the time of the collision.

This typically breaks down into three separate scenarios:

  • If a delivery driver is behind the wheel of an Amazon-branded (or other massive retailer) vehicle, is on the clock, fulfilling the duties of his or her employment, and causes a crash with injuries, the company’s insurance policy will typically be liable for the damages — since it owns the vehicle and employs the driver.

This is where things become complex.

Amazon partners with over 3,000 Delivery Service Partners (DSP) around the globe, employing 275,000 drivers who deliver over ten million packages daily. These drivers often travel in non-descript commercial vehicles, including delivery trucks and vans.

  • If one of these drivers is on the clock, fulfilling the duties of their employment with the DSP, and causes a crash with injuries, the DSP’s insurance policy will typically be liable for the damages — since it owns the vehicle and employs the driver.

Another type of crash involving an Amazon driver may be one where the driver is employed as a gig worker in Amazon’s Flex Program (AFP). These drivers often wear Amazon-branded vests but travel in their personal vehicles.

Anyone injured in a vehicle collision with a negligent delivery driver employed by Amazon, a DSP, or an independent contractor has the right to pursue a legal compensation claim. We can help you determine the best legal options for seeking the maximum recovery for your unique case.

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