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In Need of a Rideshare Physical and Sexual Assault Lawyer in SC?

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our South Carolina personal injury attorneys know that rideshare drivers ensure tens of thousands of our residents get to and from their destinations safely each year.

Unfortunately, the nature of the rideshare business requires Uber and Lyft to hire drivers sight unseen. They must apply, pass a simple background check, register their vehicles, and begin picking up passengers almost immediately upon approval.

While most drivers take this vocation seriously, like any other occupation, there is the potential for bad actors to fall through the cracks and cause significant harm to passengers.

If you or someone you know is a victim of Uber and Lyft sexual assault, physical assault, unwanted physical contact, indecent exposure, or rape, you have legal rights, and we want to help you enforce them while holding the rideshare company liable for your complete damages.

Rideshare Physical and Sexual Assault Attorney

What Are Rideshare Physical and Sexual Assaults Occurring in South Carolina?

Rideshare riders can be vulnerable to physical or sexual assault due to various factors inherent in the nature of ridesharing services.

Here are some reasons why rideshare riders may be vulnerable:

  • Stranger Interaction

Rideshare services involve getting into a vehicle with a stranger. Unlike traditional taxis, where drivers may have visible credentials, rideshare drivers are often identified only by a profile picture and the make/model of their vehicle. This level of anonymity can create opportunities for malicious intent.

  • Unregulated Pickup Locations

Rideshare services often allow pickups and drop-offs in less regulated locations than traditional taxi stands. This can expose riders to isolated areas where the risk of assault may be higher.

  • Limited Background Checks

While rideshare companies conduct background checks on their drivers, these checks may not catch all potential issues. The screening process may vary between companies and may not be as thorough as some riders expect.

  • Late-Night Travel

Rideshare services are frequently used during late-night hours, especially by individuals returning from social events or nights out. Traveling during these hours may increase vulnerability, as it can coincide with increased alcohol consumption and impaired judgment.

  • In-App Communication Issues

The rideshare app primarily communicates between riders and drivers, which may limit the ability to verify identities or express concerns in real time. In some cases, riders may face difficulty reaching out for help if they feel unsafe during a ride.

  • Device Dependence

Rideshare users often depend on their smartphones to request rides, track their trips, and communicate with the driver. When a rider’s phone battery dies or there’s a connectivity issue, they may be left without the means to contact others for assistance.

  • Isolation Inside Vehicles

The nature of ridesharing involves individuals getting into vehicles alone with the driver. This isolation can be a factor in instances of assault, as there may be limited visibility and fewer witnesses.

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Do I Need a Rideshare Lawyer?

If you or someone you know is a victim of Uber and Lyft sexual assault, physical assault, unwanted physical contact, indecent exposure, or rape in South Carolina, we can help you hold the company liable for employing a dangerous driver.

Contact our South Carolina personal injury attorneys at the David W. Martin Law Group today by calling (803) 548-2468 or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation.


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