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At the David W. Martin Law Group, our Fort Mill child custody attorneys know there is nothing more important to you than your children. That was true while you were married, and now that you are getting a divorce, their best interests are doubly important while you navigate the next steps in what may be a lengthy legal process.

Our York County child custody lawyers know that each divorce is unique, and so is the way each couple emerges from its finalization. If you have children and are considering divorce, there are several things you should know about child custody in South Carolina, so you can make informed decisions about your and your children’s futures.

How Can I Be Sure My Kids Live with Me After a Divorce in Fort Mill, South Carolina?

Believe it or not, most divorcing couples who have decided to amicably end their marriages typically want their kids to share their time equally between each parent’s home after the divorce.

When this is true, couples can seek joint custody — which is the preferred agreement from the court’s standpoint — allowing the physical custody of the children to be split between each parent through an agreed upon parenting plan.

However, that is not always the case.

There are many hard truths spouses must face to ensure their children are safe when they are in the other parent’s care. When their divorce ended because of troublesome behavioral issues — either real or perceived — the other parent often becomes more protective of their kids’ movements and wants to fight for sole custody to ensure their kids are not subjected to an unhealthy or even dangerous environment.

When things like addiction, domestic violence, neglect, or mental illness are factors in a divorce, one parent may want to litigate their child custody agreement in court to ensure any dangers are on the record to keep their children safe from harm.

The other custody decisions that must be made is whether both parents will share legal custody, which is the right to make decisions about the kids’ upbringing, including healthcare, education, and religious choices.

Our skilled child custody attorneys in Fort Mill will discuss your unique family dynamics, so we leave no detail to chance when pursuing sole or joint custody on your behalf.

Our Children are Not in Any Danger with Either Parent: What Else Will the Court Consider During Child Custody Agreements in South Carolina?

Depending on how your divorce unfolds, both parents may agree that the other can raise their children during their allotted timeframes without any issues.

However, one may wish to hold the lion’s share of time. This is not uncommon, especially when one parent may have been the one who stayed home with the kids while the other worked.

They often feel more in tune with the children’s needs. And that could be taken into consideration.

When determining child custody arrangements in Fort Mill, our South Carolina Family Courts may consider:

  • The quality of the child’s current home environment
  • The child’s preference and relationship with each parent (when applicable)
  • The fitness of each parent to care for a child
  • Proximity to school, healthcare facilities, and other necessities

These can be very convincing arguments, which is why it is important to have a skilled Fort Mill child custody attorney by your side, so you can build a strong argument for your overall ability to raise your children — even if you have not been the primary caregiver throughout the marriage.

Is Child Custody Mediation Required in Fort Mill, South Carolina?

Family law mediation is required in the State of South Carolina during all divorce cases.

Alternative dispute resolution options, like mediation, provide an open forum for couples to create real solutions that will impact their lives going forward, including property distribution, child custody, child support, and alimony while maintaining control of their decisions — keeping the judge from making life-changing rulings for them.

Our South Carolina laws do not require spouses to agree on all — or even any — of the details of their divorces during mediation, but they must try first before they can have their day in court.

At David W. Martin Law Group We Focus on the Following Practice Areas Also:

Can the David W. Martin Law Group Help Me Seek Emergency Custody of My Children in Fort Mill, South Carolina?

When couples get divorced in South Carolina, they make child custody decisions that are appropriate at the time of their proceedings, as it is impossible to predict the future, so they make the best choices that are available at the time.

Our Fort Mill child custody lawyers understand better than most that things can change over time, including everything from the other parent’s behavior and grandparents feeling left out of their grandkid’s lives to job changes and relocation requirements.

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our experienced child custody attorneys in South Carolina handle traditional divorce and child custody cases, along with some of the more high-stress circumstances that require a specialized approach to producing results.

We handle both mediation and litigation options for:

Our Fort Mill child custody attorneys know that no two marriages are alike, and neither is the divorce process, which is why we provide customized legal representation for each case, so our clients can tell us what is important to them, and we can get to work on a strategy that fits their overall needs.

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