In Need of a Fathers’ Rights Lawyer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our Myrtle Beach fathers’ rights attorneys know that while a parent’s gender is not legally a consideration for custody, dads often come out on the losing end of divorce proceedings regarding their kids.

Worse, when South Carolina parents were never married, fathers’ rights can become even more convoluted, leading to significant obstacles in obtaining full or shared custody and visitation rights.

Many of our Horry County fathers’ rights attorneys are also dads. We understand how important your kids are to you and will do all we can to help protect your relationship with them when your relationship with the mother has dissolved.

What are a Father’s Rights in South Carolina?

Father's Rights Law

Father’s rights in South Carolina, like in other states, encompass a range of legal and practical issues related to fathers’ roles in their children’s lives. They include the right to seek custody or visitation, the right to participate in important decisions about the child, and the obligation to support the child financially.

How Can a Father Establish Legal Paternity in South Carolina?

Legal paternity can be established through a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, a court order, or marriage to the child’s mother at birth. If a father’s name is not on the birth certificate, he can establish paternity through a court order or by signing a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. The unmarried father can seek custody or visitation rights in South Carolina if the parents were never married by legally establishing paternity through a voluntary or court-ordered DNA test.

What Factors Does the Court Consider When Determining Child Custody in South Carolina?

The court considers various factors, including the child’s physical and emotional well-being, the child’s relationship with each parent, each parent’s ability to provide a stable home, and any history of abuse or neglect.

A father can seek joint custody, which involves shared decision-making and physical custody. The court will consider the child’s best interests when determining custody arrangements.

What If a Father Seeks Custody of a Child Because He Believes the Mother is Unfit in South Carolina?

If a father believes the mother is unfit, he can take legal steps to make his case before the court. Custody determinations in South Carolina are based on the child’s best interests, and the court will carefully consider any evidence and arguments presented by both parents.

When seeking custody based on concerns about the mother’s fitness, our skilled fathers’ rights attorneys in Myrtle Beach will:

  • Gather Evidence to Support Your Claim that the Mother is Unfit

Before presenting your case to a South Carolina family court judge, we must gather evidence demonstrating her alleged unfitness. This may include documents, photographs, witness statements, or other evidence showing a pattern of neglect, abuse, substance abuse, or other behaviors that are not in the child’s best interests.

  • File a Custody Petition

Initiate a legal action by filing a custody petition with the family court. This petition outlines your request for custody, why you believe the mother is unfit, and any supporting evidence.

  • Request a Custody Hearing

The court will schedule a custody hearing to evaluate the evidence and arguments presented by both parties. The hearing typically allows your father’s rights attorney to make your case and the mother to respond.

We will present evidence to the court to support your claim and seek custody or a modification of custody based on the child’s best interests.

The court’s main objective is to ensure the child’s well-being, safety, and stability. Based on your unique circumstances, we will build our case on the legal standards necessary to achieve success.

Do Fathers Have Visitation Rights in South Carolina If Not Awarded Primary Custody?

Yes, even if a father is not awarded physical custody, he typically has the right to seek visitation, and the court will establish a visitation schedule based on the child’s best interests.

We can help you build a child custody agreement, visitation schedule, and parenting plan that allows you to be integral to your child’s life as we advance.

We can also help for:

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Fathers’ rights issues can be legally complex and emotionally charged. Our experienced family law attorney in South Carolina can help you navigate these matters effectively, protect your rights, and ensure your child’s best interests are considered from the start of your case.

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