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At the David W. Martin Law Group, our Greenville alimony lawyers know that when our clients pursue a divorce in South Carolina, it could take more or less than a year before the case can be resolved.

During that time, and after, our client’s financial stability may be in jeopardy, which is why our Greenville County spousal support attorneys are here. Spousal support can be awarded to one spouse temporarily during the couple’s separation, and/or as part of their final divorce settlement.

No matter which side of the courtroom you are on — whether you are the payer or recipient — your financial well-being may hinge on the amount awarded, and the duration in which it is paid. We can help review your financial circumstances to pursue the proper amount during a private agreement, in mediation sessions, or as part of the divorce litigation process.

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What are the Different Types of Alimony in Greenville, South Carolina?

South Carolina alimony may be awarded temporarily, for a mandated period, or permanently, depending on the marital circumstances. No two marriages, separations, or divorces are the same, and neither are the financial needs of the spouses.

Alimony in South Carolina is based on multiple factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Length of your marriage, and the standard of living during that time.
  • Each spouse’s education, employment history, and ability to earn.
  • Separate and marital assets of each spouse.
  • Each party’s reasonable living expenses.

The South Carolina family courts will also consider any child custody and child support agreements that are part of the divorce proceedings, and the potential tax consequences that will impact either party if spousal support is awarded.

Spousal support may be awarded in the following applications in South Carolina:

  • Separation Maintenance and Support.
  • Lump-Sum Alimony.
  • Periodic Alimony.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony.
  • Reimbursement Alimony.

Under the existing South Carolina alimony law, alimony payments may be terminated when the recipient lives with a partner for more than 90 consecutive days, if the recipient remarries, or upon the death of one of the former spouses.

If you are unsure whether you can pursue spousal support in South Carolina, or if you would like to contest an alimony payment request or the amount, contact our skilled family law attorneys in Greenville today for help.

Is One Spouse Always Entitled to Alimony During a South Carolina Divorce?

The short answer is, no. Like all South Carolina divorces, the details of the dissolution are unique to each relationship, and the outcome of the proceedings.

One noteworthy application of the South Carolina alimony law is that the family law judge will consider marital fault, especially adultery, when deciding whether to award spousal support.

Conversely, South Carolina law prohibits alimony to spouses who committed adultery before the formal signing of a written property or marital settlement agreement or before a permanent order of separate maintenance and support.

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