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If you are being investigated for a criminal offense, or have been arrested or charged with a crime, our David W. Martin Law Group criminal defense attorney in Spartanburg, South Carolina will review your case today during a consultation.

Our defense lawyers in Spartanburg County believe each of our city’s nearly 38,000 residents deserve experienced legal representation when they are facing criminal charges from the solicitor’s office, so they can focus on creating a strategy that will produce the best outcome available for their unique circumstances.

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No matter what type of criminal charges you are facing, you have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

That is why our criminal defense attorneys in Spartanburg represent clients who have been investigated, arrested, or charged with any of the following crimes:

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Spartanburg, South Carolina are here to answer questions and provide legal solutions for our residents, beginning with a consultation today.

I Have Been Charged with a Drug Crime in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Can the David W. Martin Law Group Help Defend My Case?

Drug crimes are common charges in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but are treated very seriously by the solicitor’s office, as their representatives work hard to make an example of defendants to improve their reputation in the community.

The most common types of drug crimes in Spartanburg, South Carolina can include:

  • Drug Possession

If you have been arrested and charged with drug possession, the solicitor’s office must submit proof of that possession, which is recorded as actual possession or constructive possession.

    • Actual possession is when the drugs are on your person, in your pocket, or your hand
    • Constructive possession is when drugs being found in a car, house, or on the ground nearby
  • Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute

This requires evidence that you possessed a significant quantity of drugs to presume the intent to distribute based on the weight being greater than the “threshold weight” as defined in our state’s drug laws.

Intent to distribute may be shown by other circumstantial evidence, including:

    • Baggies
    • Packaged drugs
    • Scales
    • Statements, conversations, or recordings of the alleged distributor incriminating him or herself during an investigation

Depending on the type of drug, and the alleged person’s criminal history, conviction penalties can be incredibly harsh, beginning with up to five years and through 30 years imprisonment for the intent to distribute drugs in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

  • Drug Trafficking Crimes

Drug trafficking crimes are usually pursued during the possession and the intent to distribute a large amount of a controlled substance, which can include:

    • Marijuana
    • Crack cocaine
    • Powder cocaine
    • Heroin
    • Fentanyl
    • Methamphetamines
    • Oxycodone
    • GHB
    • LSD
    • MDMA or ecstasy
    • Quaaludes
    • Rohypnol or “roofies”

To qualify as drug trafficking the weight of the controlled substances must exceed:

    • Ten pounds of marijuana
    • Ten grams of cocaine or any cocaine mixture
    • Four grams of heroin, morphine, or another opiate
    • Ten grams of methamphetamine
    • One gram of Rohypnol
    • 15 grams of methaqualone
    • 50 milliliters of GHB
    • 100 tablets of LSD
    • 100 tablets of MDMA or ecstasy

Drug crimes come with serious penalties, which can include lengthy imprisonment sentences, which is why it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Spartanburg to understand the evidence and charges the solicitor’s office has against you, so you know exactly what your future will look like if you are convicted.

Our Spartanburg criminal lawyers focus on countering your charges with a complete defense that will require the solicitor to reduce the charges when we cannot pursue an outright dismissal or take your case to court and litigate on your behalf for an acquittal.

I Have Been Arrested and Charged with a Gun Crime in Spartanburg. Can the David W. Martin Law Group Help Defend Me?

Gun crimes in South Carolina come in both misdemeanor and felony charges.

For example, the unlawful carrying of a handgun in South Carolina is a misdemeanor and is typically the result of carrying a legal gun but storing it unlawfully.

If you have a South Carolina concealed weapons permit, you may lawfully carry a handgun under the seat or in an open container in the vehicle.

Improper storage can include carrying a gun on your person or in a vehicle when it is deemed readily accessible and convenient for immediate use.

The gun does not have to encounter a person for that charge to be validated.

Misdemeanor gun crimes carry penalties of:

  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • Imprisonment for up to one year
  • Both

Felony gun charges in South Carolina can be pursued from the possession or acquisition of a handgun that was:

  • Stolen
  • Altered or removed serial number
  • Carried by any person convicted of a crime of violence
  • Carried by certain domestic abusers
  • Carried by a person under 18 years of age
  • Adjudged by a circuit judge or county court judge unfit to carry or possess a firearm

If you are facing felony or misdemeanor gun charges in South Carolina, contact our skilled criminal defense lawyer in Spartanburg today at (864) 606-0053 to pursue the best outcome for your unique circumstances.

What If I Am Caught Possessing a Gun in South Carolina When I Live in Another State?

The gun laws in South Carolina are different than the gun laws in our bordering states of North Carolina, Tennessee, or Georgia, and being found on the wrong side of the border with a firearm can unintentionally result in a crime.

While you may not mean any harm by carrying a firearm in the State of South Carolina, even a minor traffic stop can reveal the fact that your out-of-state laws do not apply here — and neither does your ability to carry a weapon in South Carolina.

You can be arrested for carrying a firearm in our state when you are a resident elsewhere, and those charges can be very hard to overcome, even if you have never been investigated, arrested, or charged with a crime before.

The same is true for drug crimes. If you from another state, and are stopped for a traffic violation, only for law enforcement officials to find drugs in your car, you could be charged with a much more severe crime simply for crossing the border.

If you have been investigated, arrested, or charged with a crime in South Carolina, do not face the solicitor’s office alone.

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