Experienced Hotel, Resort & Vacation Injury Attorneys in South Carolina

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our South Carolina personal injury attorney understands how relaxing it can be to finally be on vacation, especially in our state, where beautiful resorts, hotels, and beaches await tourists and locals alike throughout the year.

While some of our more popular South Carolina vacation destinations like Bluffton, Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Hilton Head, and Myrtle Beach provide world-class business, convention, and vacation destinations to visitors from within the state, across the country, and around the world, meeting spaces, hotels and resorts require consistent maintenance, constant oversight, and meticulous safety standard guidelines to ensure all guests are safe from harm.

When property owners or operators’ attention to detail falls short, guests can be seriously injured or lose a loved one to negligent conditions or circumstances without notice.

Our York County hotel, resort, and vacation injury attorneys are here to help you hold the liable party — no matter how large or small the operation — accountable for the damages they caused, so you can pursue the financial recovery you will need to fully recover.

What Are the Most Common Types of Hotel, Resort & Vacation Injuries that Occur in South Carolina?

When negligence is a factor at a hotel or resort — no matter where you are staying in South Carolina — guests are going to get hurt.

Unfortunately, these injuries are often serious or even life threatening, which can change the lives of those who suffer from these preventable circumstances.

Some of the most common types of hotel, resort, and vacation injuries in South Carolina include, but are not limited to:

  • South Carolina Hotel, Resort & Vacation Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our South Carolina premises liability attorneys in South Carolina know that nearly all resorts and hotels throughout the state feature at least one swimming pool on the premises, which can present significant drowning or near-drowning dangers.

Some resorts and hotels even have lazy rivers, slides, and other amenities that can leave the pathways and walking areas wet and dangerous, causing slipping hazards that can lead to severe injuries.

Common slip and fall injuries occur on or around:

  • Swimming pool dangers
  • Areas without mats that gather pool/ocean/rainwater tracked in from guests
  • Bathrooms/changing areas in disrepair
  • Newly mopped floors without warning signs
  • Wet areas around ice machines and lobbies
  • Poorly lit areas
  • Entryways that are obstructed or in disrepair
  • Broken steps, elevators, and escalators
  • Missing handrails and other safety features

If you have been hurt in a hotel or resort slip and fall accident, contact our skilled vacation injury attorneys in South Carolina today to schedule a consultation.

  • Hotel and Resort Excursion Accidents in South Carolina

Many hotels and resorts provide excursion opportunities for guests that provide the opportunity to leave the premises with a guide or schedule that seemingly provides the security some guests prefer — instead of booking and enjoying activities on their own.

Unfortunately, many hotel, resort, and vacation accident injuries can occur when guests are off the premises, which may include:

  • Boat cruises and tour injuries
  • Dinner and show accidents
  • Dolphin watching excursions
  • Kayaking and eco tours
  • Parasailing accidents
  • Sightseeing bus tours
  • Snorkeling and diving excursions
  • Sunset cruises
  • Walking and carriage tours

If you have been hurt during a resort, hotel, or company-sponsored excursion, contact our experienced vacation injury attorneys in South Carolina today to discuss your rights and options to hold the negligent party — or combination of parties — liable for your financial recovery.

  • South Carolina Boating, Yachting, Sailing and Jet Ski Accidents

When guests book a boat, sailboat, or yacht –— whether it is booked privately or as a group —they are placing their safety in the hands of a professional captain and crew.

When negligence is a factor at any step of a boat trip, whether it is lack of life jackets, poor safety instructions, lack of oversight, an intoxicated crew member, or any factor the jeopardizes the occupant’s safety, the guests on board can be severely injured.

Likewise, when inexperienced operators can rent personal watercraft like jet skis, personal catamarans, or kayaks, those sharing the water can become severely injured during a collision.

If you have been hurt during a day on the water in South Carolina, our personal injury attorneys would like to hear your complete story, so we can provide the legal guidance you need to pursue the negligent party for your full financial recovery.

Resort, Hotel, or Vacation Sexual Assault & Abuse in South Carolina

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our South Carolina sexual assault attorneys are all too aware of these injurious circumstances occurring in hotels and resorts throughout South Carolina.

Whether you are a visitor or work directly for a hotel or resort and were sexually assaulted by an intruder, guest, coworker, or employer, you deserve the opportunity to pursue your attacker or another liable party for the physical and emotional injuries you have endured.

We can help. We know how difficult sexual assault circumstances are for our clients, which is why we take the lead in pursuing the liable party, so they can get the help they need to confidently move forward.

South Carolina Hotel, Resort & Vacation Wrongful Death Accidents

Our hotel, resort, and vacation personal injury lawyers in South Carolina know that some of the previously listed dangerous circumstances can lead to more than life-changing injuries. They can also be the causes of wrongful deaths throughout our vacationing communities.

If you have lost a loved one who could not survive their injuries after being involved in an accident at a hotel or resort, our South Carolina wrongful death attorneys can help outline who the potentially liable parties are while you take the time you need to grieve.

We are available to discuss your unique legal representation needs during a consultation today by calling (803) 548-2468 or you or a loved one may contact us online and one of our experienced South Carolina hotel, resort, and vacation injury attorneys will contact you directly.


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