When Do Grandparents Have the Right to Claim Custody of a Child?

Posted in Child Custody on September 14, 2018

When people think of child custody arrangements, it’s usually in relation to parental divorce. However, parents aren’t the only ones who can have a right to custody. In some circumstances, the grandparents can become the legal guardians of a child. However, doing so is most often an uphill legal battle that requires meeting several prerequisites…. read more

How to Prove Adultery in South Carolina

Posted in Divorce on September 3, 2018

Adultery not only means betraying your partner’s trust, but it can also lead to filing for divorce. If one spouse wishes to use adultery as the grounds for divorce, he or she must prove his or her spouse’s adulterous behavior. How Does South Carolina Law Define Adultery? Like all other states, South Carolina has its… read more

How to Support Your Children During a Divorce

Posted in Divorce on August 14, 2018

Divorce has an inherently negative connotation, but there are some cases in which divorce is an indisputably good thing for the spouses involved. However, for a divorcing couple with children, the news that the parents’ marriage is ending is likely to hit the children the hardest. No matter how you and your ex-spouse feel about… read more

How to Recognize the Signs of an Abusive Relationship in Fort Mill

Posted in General on August 5, 2018

It’s crucial for everyone to know how to identify abusive relationships. You should know how to identify abuse in the relationships of your friends and family as well as your own. While some people may find it easy to spot abusive signs in other peoples’ relationships, they may struggle to notice abuse on their own…. read more

How Do I Talk to My Child About Divorce?

Posted in Divorce on July 20, 2018

A divorce proceeding is an emotionally charged subject for the entire family. You may be experiencing a range of negative emotions yourself – and, chances are, your children are, too. Even if your divorce is amicable, it will affect everyone in your family. Knowing how to talk to your child about divorce will make the… read more

How Do Child Custody Cases Work When Your Former Spouse Lives in a Different State?

Posted in Child Custody on July 3, 2018

Each divorce is unique, and every proceeding comes with a set of considerations. For some, the process of settling a divorce will be more difficult than others – particularly if one spouse moves to a different state. Learn how distance may affect a child custody arrangement. Divorced parents living in different states are not an… read more

How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Posted in Divorce on June 12, 2018

A divorce can be a difficult experience for anyone. Acknowledging that a marriage is over is the first step – but next is finding a divorce attorney. The right lawyer can streamline the process, protect a client’s rights throughout a divorce proceeding, and help him or her get on with life faster. Here are a… read more