When you need a Fort Mill family law attorney, you probably have more questions than answers. Family issues require a compassionate approach to understanding exactly what your needs are, whether it is divorce, child custody, or financial independence — and that is what our family lawyers in York County provide.

We listen carefully to our clients, so their wants and needs are at the forefront of our case.

That allows us to pursue specific results that lets you move forward with your life with confidence.

When life-changing events are causing stress and anxiety, our family law attorneys in Fort Mill will design unique solutions for you and your family, beginning with a consultation.

David W. Martin Law Group – Fort Mill Family Law Attorneys 

Family law statutes are different everywhere throughout the U.S., including South Carolina.

To successfully navigate our specific laws, our family law attorneys focus on producing results that reflect your lifestyle and personal needs.

No two households, families, or individuals are the same. Our law firm recognizes your differences and tailors your case to meet your exact family law needs.

Experienced Fort Mill Divorce Lawyers 

Divorce in South Carolina is much more complex than most states and requires a resourceful Fort Mill family law attorney to produce results.

According to our South Carolina Laws divorce can occur by fault, or no-fault.

At-fault reasons for a divorce in South Carolina include one spouse committing:

  • Adultery
  • Physical cruelty
  • Desertion for one year
  • Habitual drunkenness, including that caused by alcohol, or the use of any narcotic drug

No-fault divorce in South Carolina is permitted when neither spouse was at-fault for the breakdown of the marriage. Once the couple breaks off their relationship and lives separately for one year, they may be eligible for a no-fault divorce agreement.

Divorce and Property Division Attorneys in Fort Mill, South Carolina

A major part of any divorce is the property division segment, which requires both spouses to equitably divide their marital property.

Marital property is anything that was acquired together, during the marriage. This can include homes, vehicles, businesses, and possessions.

Items that are not eligible for property division include any assets each spouse brought into the marriage on their own, inheritances, or third-party gifts.

If you have questions about what you are financially entitled to in the event of a divorce, our property division lawyers in Fort Mill will provide a straightforward outline of how the process works, so you can plan for your future.

Skilled Divorce and Fort Mill Alimony Lawyers

At David W. Martin Law Group, our Alimony / Spousal Support lawyers in Fort Mill know that your financial future is important to your independence.

What most divorcing couples do not know is that just because South Carolina is an alimony state, does not mean every divorce requires one spouse to pay the other during or after they split.

Many factors determine whether alimony will be awarded in South Carolina, and there is also an equation that determines what amount will be paid.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for spousal support during and after a divorce in Fort Mill, we can help provide the information necessary to determine the amount and length of alimony we can pursue on your behalf.

Divorce and Child Custody Attorneys in Fort Mill, South Carolina

If you share minor children with your spouse, their well-being and best interests will become the focal point of your divorce proceedings.

Determining child custody can become very stressful, even when both parents agree on the important factors, including where the children will live and go to school. The visitation details can become complex, and when parenting styles conflict, plans can require more than compromise, but legal intervention.

Our child custody lawyers in Fort Mill provide the experience and skill our clients need to handle all types of parenting measures, including:

Our South Carolina child custody lawyers are fully prepared to fight for your children’s rights, so you can provide them with the best future available without compromise.

Fort Mill Child Support Attorneys Who Focus on Your Family’s Financial Needs

Once child custody is determined, we will immediately turn our focus to your family’s child support needs.

Financial stability is an important component of raising a healthy and happy family, which is why we work so hard to ensure we are pursuing the full child support allotment your household requires. That number will differ for each family we represent but will encompass each of your needs based on many factors.

Those factors may include the:

  • Number of minor children you and your spouse share
  • Gross income of both parents
  • Childcare and education requirements
  • Healthcare expenses
  • Alimony payments assessed during the divorce, when applicable

The South Carolina Department of Social Services provides access to a child support calculator, which may be used to assess a rough estimate of your payments. However, you must speak with an experienced child support lawyer in Fort Mill to ensure each aspect of your financial support is outlined properly.

Mediation is Required for Some South Carolina Divorces

In the State of South Carolina, mediation before a divorce is mandatory in some counties.

Our mediation attorneys in Fort Mill provide our clients with the opportunity to maintain control of their divorce, child custody, and child support decisions — so the court does not have the final say in how your new life unfolds.

When our clients can successfully mediate their divorce details, the process moves faster and is often less expensive than a divorce that requires litigation.

Just because South Carolina divorces require mediation does not mean they will be resolved outside the courtroom. When your mediation and negotiation sessions are unable to produce results, we will move forward with litigation to pursue the unresolved details.

Experienced Fort Mill, South Carolina Legal Separation Lawyers

If you are seeking a no-fault divorce in South Carolina, you and your spouse must live in two different locations, and cease having a marital relationship, for one year before your divorce can be considered for finalization by the courts.

While the State of South Carolina does not recognize Legal Separation by law, the principle is similar and requires specific behaviors and actions to occur before the court will recognize your divorce requests.

When this occurs, our legal separation attorneys in Fort Mill will outline your temporary needs, including property division, alimony, child custody and support, and all additional details that affect your life, so you can start planning for your future.

A Stable Economy in Fort Mill, South Carolina Provides a Supportive Family Life

Nearly 20,000 people live in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and with many successful businesses also calling the city home, our economy supports thousands of local families.

Fort Mill, South Carolina is home to:

No matter where you live or work in Fort Mill, South Carolina, you have rights that must be protected during family law matters, and our attorneys are here to ensure they are safeguarded throughout the legal process.

Contact the David W. Martin Law Group in Fort Mill, South Carolina for a Consultation Today

If you are considering divorce in South Carolina, there is a lot you need to know about the process, and our family law attorneys in Fort Mill will help you understand each detail during a thorough consultation by calling (803) 548-2468 today. We are available to discuss your case at your convenience, so you can start getting answers to your most pressing divorce questions without delay. Call us now to learn more.

Fort Mill Family Law Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Have to Pay Alimony During or After a South Carolina Divorce?

Each divorce is unique, and not all require one spouse to pay alimony. The factors for each alimony request will include how long the marriage lasted, and the differences in each spouse’s income or ability to earn enough money to support themselves. The latter is often the result of one spouse remaining at home to take care of the household and/or children. Each factor will be considered on its merit and will be unique to each divorce proceeding.

Will My Spouse Have to Consent to a Divorce in South Carolina?

South Carolina recognizes several reasons as grounds to file for divorce, including no-fault divorces where neither person must prove the other did something detrimental to cause their dissolution. In any case, your spouse does not have to consent to the divorce. You can file for a fault or no-fault divorce under different circumstances, and our Fort Mill divorce attorney will walk you through the process, so you know exactly how it unfolds and what to expect as a result.

My Ex is Not Paying Child Support as Ordered. What Can I Do?

If a noncustodial parent falls behind on child support payments, there are several ways we can pursue enforcement of the court order for payments. They can include income withholding, wage garnishment, interception of tax refunds, and liens or attachments to property. If the payer is excessively behind on child support payments, the courts may take punitive actions to enforce payments, including suspending licenses, denying passports, and even jail time.

What Are the Advantages of Prenuptial Marital Agreements?

Many people view marital agreements as a plan for divorce, but nothing could be further from the truth. Marital agreements allow spouses to begin their marriage with full disclosure regarding their assets and debts while maintaining responsibility for their lifestyles. When marriages begin on an honest and upfront note, they can thrive.



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