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Should I Agree to Pre-Trial Intervention in South Carolina?

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in South Carolina, you may be eligible to enroll in a pre-trial intervention (PTI) program, which will allow you to avoid a conviction and imprisonment if you meet several qualifying requirements.

At David W. Martin Law Group, our Rock Hill criminal defense attorney will review your arrest, the charges, and the evidence the solicitor’s office has to build their case before advising you of your many legal rights and options — which may or may not include participating in a PTI program.

Here is more about when a diversionary program might be right for you.

What is Pre-Trial Intervention in South Carolina?

Our Fort Mill criminal defense attorney knows the PTI program in South Carolina focuses on rehabilitation — not discipline — which is often enough for the individual to put their lives back together.

The goal of PTI is to identify and tackle the origin of the person’s criminal activity to deter any future criminal behavior.

That is why the program is only available to individuals 18 and older who have been charged with a nonviolent crime as first-time offenders. He or she must have no significant history of prior delinquency or criminal activity and cannot participate in PTI more than once.

The PTI program lasts for a minimum of 90 days, but the duration can be extended depending on the severity and nature of the charge.

The PTI participation requirements include:

  • Participation fee of $250
  • Actively participate in counseling sessions, activities, and educational classes
  • Perform 30-50 hours of community service work
  • Pay restitution to the victim(s), when applicable
  • Not be rearrested while enrolled in PTI
  • Pass drug test(s)

If you are accepted into a PTI program, the Solicitor effectively places your case on hold until the requirements are met. If you do not successfully complete the program, your case will proceed to trial.

Contact our skilled criminal defense lawyers in Rock Hill today to discuss your case and, if eligible, help you determine whether the PTI program is right for you.

Should I Participate in Pre-Trial Intervention in South Carolina?

Our Rock Hill criminal defense attorney’s goal, in any case, is to get our client’s charges dismissed, if possible, and work to pursue the best outcome for their unique case.

For first-time offenders charged with a non-violent criminal offense, pre-trial intervention may be right for you — especially when the solicitor’s office has a strong case against you.

It is extremely important to carefully consider the facts of your case and to partner with an experienced Rock Hill criminal defense lawyer who will give you straightforward advice, which may or may not include entering a PTI program.

The South Carolina pre-trial intervention program guidelines are incredibly stringent, and any non-compliance will result in the individual’s dismissal from the program and possibly a later conviction for the original criminal charges.

If you are considering a PTI program in South Carolina, contact our skilled criminal defense attorneys in Rock Hill at the David W. Martin Law Group today by calling (803) 548-2468 to review your case with our experienced lawyers who are here to help you pursue positive results.


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