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At the David W. Martin Law Group, our Charlotte family law attorneys know that it is never okay for one person to physically hurt another, no matter their relationship.

When a marriage, personal relationship, or another individual is impacted by domestic violence or harm in North Carolina, our skilled attorneys can help the affected person(s) pursue a Domestic Violence Order of Protection or No Contact Order.

Our Mecklenburg County family lawyers will explain each of the legal nuances that apply to your unique case, so you can make informed decisions about your safety and your future.

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What is a Domestic Violence Order of Protection in North Carolina?

Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse in an intimate relationship where the perpetrator’s actions are intended to gain control and power over the victim.

In North Carolina, the victim may pursue a Domestic Violence Protective Order — also called a DVPO or 50B Order — that requires the perpetrator to stay away from the victim.

The 50B Order can be obtained temporarily to help ensure the victim’s immediate safety and maybe ordered permanently during a court hearing, which results in the DVPO remaining in effect for one year. The order may then be renewed for up to two years at a time following the initial court order.

While a DVPO is not a criminal conviction, all DVPO documents filed in these cases are public records, which means a defendant can be arrested and criminally charged for violating the order.

Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys in Charlotte, NC Represent Clients in the Following Legal Matters:

Who is Eligible to File a Domestic Violence Protective Order in North Carolina?

Anyone living in North Carolina, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, can file for a DVPO if the victim shares an intimate relationship with the offender.

That may include one of the following relationships:

  • Spouse or ex-spouse
  • A person who currently or previously lived in the same household
  • Those who share a child, no matter their current relationship
  • Those who had a dating relationship
  • Parents, children, grandparents, or grandchildren

The individual who files for a domestic violence protection order in North Carolina must show that the alleged offender committed an act of domestic violence as defined by law.

That includes intentionally committing one of the following acts against the victim or his or her child:

  • Placing the person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury
  • Causing or attempting to cause physical injury
  • Sexual assault
  • Continuing to harass a person more than two times with no legitimate purpose, causing substantial emotional distress

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our skilled domestic violence protection order attorneys in Charlotte can help you pursue the legal protection you need to help keep you and/or your family safe.

Contact us today to get the 50B Order process started, so you can take back control of your life.

What if I Do Not Have A Qualifying Domestic Relationship with the Person Who Hurt Me?

If you are a victim of stalking, abuse, or sexual abuse but do not have a relationship that qualifies for a DVPO with the offender, you may be eligible to file a no-contact order.

A no-contact order — also called a 50C Order — is like a DVPO, but any violation of a 50C Order will not result in the arrest of the accused.

However, 50C orders can be enforced by the judge holding the defendant in contempt of court.

If you would like to pursue a no-contact order in North Carolina, we can help. Contact our skilled domestic violence protection and no-contact order attorneys in Charlotte today to discuss your important circumstances and get the help you need.

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our skilled family lawyers in Charlotte represent clients throughout North Carolina by thoughtfully and objectively assessing their cases to carefully plan and execute a legal strategy that is designed to reach their personal objectives.

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