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    How Can the David W. Martin Law Group Help Defend My Case?

    Since there is no mandatory minimum jail sentence for assault and battery, our criminal defense lawyers focus on pursuing a lesser charge, when we cannot have the charges dropped completely, so our clients face the least amount of penalties.

    Our South Carolina assault lawyers will evaluate all potential evidence in your case to produce the best defense available for your charges.

    That may include reviewing relevant material like:

    • Oral or written witness statements
    • Police reports
    • 911 call recordings
    • Video or audio footage of the alleged incident

    Our potential defense approaches may include, but are not limited to presenting:

    • Our client acting in self-defense
    • Proof the alleged victim is lying
    • Other evidence that the accused is innocent
    • The alleged victim’s ulterior motive for reporting he or she was assaulted

    Our client must understand that even if the alleged victim wishes to dismiss the case, it does not guarantee the charges will be dismissed by the solicitor’s office.

    With an experienced assault attorney by your side, we can help build a strong case that requires the solicitor’s office to review their chances of conviction, so our client may potentially face a lesser charge or no charge at all.

    Contact the David W. Martin Law Group Criminal Defense Attorneys for a consultation Today

    If you have been charged with assault and battery, contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys in South Carolina today to learn how these changes will affect your livelihood by calling (803) 548-2468 to schedule a consultation today.

    Do not face the solicitor’s office on your own, as they will pursue the most severe charge possible if you do not know your rights. Our assault and battery lawyers will walk you through the charges, explain your rights, and ensure you that we will pursue the best defense possible for your unique circumstances. Contact us now to learn more.

    We have one goal and that is the betterment of our client’s situation

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