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Car and truck accidents leave thousands injured and dead in the state of South Carolina every year. The vast majority of these accidents are preventable with due care behind the wheel. If someone else’s negligence caused you or a loved one’s vehicle accident, contact the Fort Mill car and truck accident attorney at David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC. We can help you fight for fair compensation through the South Carolina civil justice system.

How to Handle Your Accident Claim in Fort Mill

South Carolina is a fault-based insurance state. This means that car accident victims must pursue damage recovery from the at-fault party’s insurer. Someone might be at fault for an accident if he or she broke a roadway rule, drove distracted, fell asleep behind the wheel, or otherwise drove negligently or recklessly. You may need a lawyer’s help to prove fault, or police may be able to do so during their investigation of your collision. After determining fault, take the following steps toward financial recovery:

  1. Contact the other driver’s insurance company. Call the insurance company right away and report the wreck, giving as much detail as you can. Do not admit fault or speculate as to how the crash occurred. Stick to only the facts.
  2. Negotiate a settlement. Do not say yes to the insurance company’s initial settlement offer. Instead, hire an attorney to find out if the offer is fair. If not, a lawyer can help you negotiate a better deal.
  3. Settle or go to trial. Most car and truck accident claims settle without needing to go to court. If the insurance company denies the claim or refuses to offer enough money, however, a trial may be necessary to achieve full recovery.

The fate of your claim depends upon your ability to state your case, prove fault, and demonstrate your damages in front of a judge or jury. Our car and truck accident lawyer can assist you with every aspect of your personal injury claim, from the initial investigation to arguing your side of the story during a trial. We’ll keep you informed about your claim every step of the way, never leaving you in the dark. We’ll also break down other helpful things you can do for yourself and your claim, such as going to the hospital right away, collecting accident documents, and taking photographs.

Common Causes of Car and Truck Accidents

The main driving factor behind vehicle accidents of all types is human error. Negligent drivers, vehicle manufacturers, roadway maintenance crews, and trucking companies cause hundreds of thousands of crashes every year. “Negligence” can refer to any failure to fulfill the accepted standards of care for a driver or other party. Common examples of negligence that causes vehicle accidents are driver distraction, drunk driving, and speeding. If someone else’s negligence caused your crash, South Carolina’s courts give you the right to request compensation through a civil lawsuit.

You might have grounds to bring a claim against another driver, an auto parts manufacturer, a property owner, a trucking company, and/or the city of Fort Mill after an injurious auto accident. Truck accidents give victims the right to seek damage recovery since trucking companies owe higher standards of care than typical parties. Contact our attorney to find out if you have the right to file a car accident claim. We’ll discuss your rights and options for free and at no obligation to retain our firm. Request your case evaluation today in Fort Mill at (803) 577-5590.


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