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With a population of almost 73,000 people, Rock Hill, South Carolina is York County’s largest city. While we maintain the highest hopes for all marriages, divorce and family law issues are a part of life in a city with so many people. At David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC, we strive to help families with issues such as divorces, child support, custody, alimony, and estate planning in the area. Let us represent you during your Rock Hill divorce or family law case and experience the difference a compassionate, aggressive lawyer can make.

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General Family Law Statutes in South Carolina

Although it is my job as a lawyer to understand the law in South Carolina, informed clients often have greater peace of mind than uninformed ones. The more you know about the laws that may surround your case, the easier it will be to take legal action. The state’s Code of Laws created family courts and judges to help citizens navigate issues relating to domestic life. These include matters of marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, child support, alimony, estate planning, and death. General family laws dictate how these cases go.

When it comes to divorce, the South Carolina courts permit a couple to split for five main reasons:

  • Adultery
  • Domestic violence or cruelty
  • Desertion of a spouse for a year or longer
  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Living separately for at least one year

The first four grounds would create a fault-based divorce case. In a fault-based divorce, the person filing may have to prove the other spouse’s fault. The fault for a divorce may affect marital property division in South Carolina. The last reason, living separately, is the primary grounds for divorce in the state. It is a no-fault reason that does not require one spouse to have done something wrong. Instead, living separately for one or more years qualifies the couple for a no-fault divorce.

Child Custody & Support Laws

If you and your ex-spouse share minor children together, you will need to address the issues of child custody and support during your divorce case. We highly recommend retaining an attorney if your case involves children. A lawyer can make your voice heard as a parent during mediation or divorce court. We’ll tell your side of the story, prove why you deserve the arrangement you desire, and optimize your chances of achieving the best possible results.

As is the case in all states, the South Carolina courts will ultimately determine child support and custody arrangements based on what is best for the children. However, you can do things to get the arrangement you want. The best way is to settle your divorce through mediation instead of a trial. Mediation with our family law attorney can help you compromise with your spouse about child care and support, coming up with a parenting plan you both agree upon. That way, the power stays in your hands instead of those of a judge.

Child-related issues are extremely delicate matters during any divorce case. Help from our Rock Hill attorney can give you the information you need to feel confident even with an issue that’s so close to your heart. We can inform you of your rights and options as a parent going through a divorce or legal separation, as well as represent you during a child custody/support mediation or trial. Don’t try to navigate the state’s child custody, visitation, and support laws without our assistance.

Rock Hill Courthouse Information

The York County Family Court is located at 1070 Heckle Boulevard, Suite 205, in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It is the courthouse responsible for handling divorce cases, child/spousal support arrangements, probate court, and other family law matters. The phone number to reach the courthouse is (803) 909-7100.

The legal team at David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC, has plenty of experience with the York County Family Court and its judges and staff members. Our connections can help you expedite the court process during your divorce or other cases in Rock Hill. We can help file your case, serve your spouse, enter into mediation, and tackle other actions to achieve success.

Need Family Law Help? Contact David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC

David W. Martin was born and raised in York County, South Carolina. After practicing law for several years, he decided to open up a law firm in his hometown of Fort Mill to further help individuals in the Fort Mill and surrounding areas. Since practicing law, David has helped hundreds of clients exercise their rights during family and personal injury law cases. His passion and commitment enable him to deliver outstanding results to the clients who come to him for assistance. He proudly serves families in Rock Hill in any way he can during divorce and family law claims.

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