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Greenville Child Support Attorney

Ensuring a Better Outcome for Your Child

When couples decide to get divorced, it’s often the children who have the hardest time adjusting in the aftermath. In some cases, you may need to request child support payments in order to ensure that your child thrives to the fullest. In others, you may need to calculate your own payments to the custodial parent.

At our Greenville child support law firm, David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC can help you handle even the most complex child support disputes, reducing the overall stress and emotional impact on you and your family. Although divorce can be difficult, our experienced team will stand by your side and help you find a compromise that works in your child’s best interests.

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Defining the Legal Obligation for Child Support

Both parents have an obligation to support and protect their children, and that obligation does not vanish after the marriage has come to an end. Under South Carolina law, you will need to ensure that your child has all the resources they need. This is mostly accomplished through child support, which is defined as a legally-enforceable payment plan for a child’s healthcare, education, housing, and physical needs.

Calculating child support payments for both parties isn’t always a straightforward matter, as these payments will also depend on your child custody arrangements. While it’s possible for both parents to split custody 50/50, this is rarely the case: Typically, one parent is designated as the primary “custodial parent,” with the other parent looking after the child on weekends or specific days. Because these arrangements are not always equal, you may have an obligation to pay additional funding towards your child’s needs – or you may need assistance with caring for your child day-to-day.

How Is Child Support Calculated in South Carolina?

There is a child support calculator offered by the South Carolina Department of Social Services that can help couples get a rough idea of their financial obligations after divorce. However, it’s recommended that you speak with a skilled Greenville child support attorney before making any decisions, as even simple child support cases can quickly become complicated.

When you contact David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC, you’ll see the difference that our legal team can make for your case. From offering compassionate counsel to providing skilled negotiation during disputes, it’s our goal to ensure that your child support payments are fair and adequate for your child.

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