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Drug Possession Charges Your Life. Our Priority.

Fort Mill Drug Crimes Lawyer

Personalized Representation following an Arrest

Were you arrested for a drug charge? It can be difficult to find a way through these issues, but with the help of David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC, you can feel more confident about your case. As a local Fort Mill drug crimes lawyer, Mr. Martin has extensive experience fighting for the rights of his clients. It is important that you get help right away to avoid a conviction. Let our team help. Call today and schedule your initial case evaluation to learn more about what you can do to protect yourself.

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Defending Yourself against a Conviction

When it comes to drug charges, there are many different factors that will influence your conviction and sentencing. You should ask yourself some questions about your situation.

These questions can include:

  • Is this your first arrest?
  • Were you trafficking drugs across state lines?
  • How much did you have in possession?
  • Was the drug in question marijuana or some other drug?
  • Did you intend to sell the substances in question?

Depending on your answers, there may be opportunities to show that your arrest was based on falsehoods or that you are not the dangerous drug peddler the police made you out to be. During your initial case evaluation with David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC, we will try to gather more information about details like these and build an effective defense strategy that tells your side of the story.

Possible Drug Crime Defenses

Not all arrests are performed correctly, and if your arresting officer didn’t take the right steps to obtain the evidence they are using against you, their case needs to be called into question.

Some illegal methods of arrest could include:

  • Illegal search and seizure: An arresting officer cannot break into a locked compartment of your car, such as a trunk or in a locked box within your car. If evidence was obtained this way, let us help you bring it to the court’s attention.
  • Entrapment: Were you given instructions to commit a crime in some way? Officers cannot ask you to commit a crime, so if you feel you were pressured into committing a drug crime, our firm may be able to help you.
  • Incorrect identification: Not all white powders are drugs. David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC can request a crime lab analysis on your behalf to demonstrate that you were not, in fact, in possession of the illegal substances for which you were arrested.

Let our experienced team stand by your side and fight to protect your rights. The sooner you schedule your case evaluation, the better your odds of building an effective defense.

Dial (803) 590-1958 now and get started on your case.

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