At the David W. Martin Law Group, our North Carolina domestic violence defense attorneys understand the profound consequences of being accused of threatening or hurting someone you love — even before your case reaches the courtroom.

The legal threshold for domestic violence charges requires that the allegations of abuse take place between those who are or were married, in an intimate relationship, or related by blood.

That makes North Carolina domestic violence accusations deeply personal.

The reality is, criminal charges stemming from domestic violence impact each part of our clients’ personal, professional, and social lives before they can tell their side of the story.

That is why our skilled domestic violence lawyers in North Carolina create customized legal solutions that protect our clients’ rights from an investigation or arrest through trial, so they are never facing the prosecutor’s office alone.

We can provide the same legal protections for your domestic violence charges, to ensure your voice is heard. Contact us today to learn more.

What Types of Relationships Rise to the Legal Level of Domestic Violence in North Carolina?

Domestic violence charges in North Carolina include any attempt to cause or intentionally cause bodily injury by placing the alleged victim in fear of imminent bodily injury or continued harassment to the extent that the fear causes substantial emotional distress.

Before the state of North Carolina can pursue domestic violence charges, it must prove the accused and the alleged victim share a personal relationship.

Those relationships may include the parties being:

  • Persons who are in or were in a dating relationship
  • Partners who live together or have lived together
  • Current or former spouses
  • Parents who share a child
  • Related as parent and child, or the acting guardian(s) and a child
  • Current or former household members

When the relationship required to reach domestic violence charges in North Carolina does exist, the prosecutor’s office will aggressively pursue these charges against the accused.

Our experienced North Carolina criminal defense lawyers can help build your case to counter these claims to produce the best outcome.

Will I Be Served With a Protective Order If I Am Accused of Domestic Violence in North Carolina?

If the North Carolina court finds the accused individual committed an act of domestic violence, it can issue a protective order. Protective orders can include stringent requirements to avoid interaction either temporarily until an initial hearing can occur, or permanently, which can last one year before the next request for renewal can be extended to two years.

North Carolina protective orders can, as the court sees fit:

  • Grant one party exclusive possession of the shared home.
  • Award temporary child custody and visitation to the victim.
  • Prohibit the accused from harassing the other party by telephone or in person at the victim’s home or work.
  • Prohibit the accused from threatening, abusing, or following the other party.
  • Prohibit a party from buying a firearm during a specified period.

The courts may also require the accused to abide by any additional terms the judge sees fit to protect the alleged victim and his or her child(ren).

The severe consequences that accompany domestic violence charges in North Carolina require the accused to obtain legal representation to help ensure his or her rights are protected from the time the allegation is made, through the end of the legal proceedings.

We can help, starting with your initial hearing, so you can tell your side of the story.

Contact Our Knowledgeable Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys in North Carolina

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