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A divorce case involving children is a sensitive matter that can benefit from legal representation. David W. Martin Attorney at Law, LLC, has aided countless divorcing couples in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Our experienced Fort Mill attorney handle child support, custody, and visitation cases with care. We know how difficult a split can be on the whole family – particularly children. We’ll work hard to achieve results that are in your child’s best interests. Request your consultation today to learn how we can help you.

What Are the Child Support Laws in South Carolina?

You will need to settle child support matters if you’re legally separating or getting a divorce and minor children are in the picture. “Child support” refers to one spouse’s obligation to provide financial support to the other spouse for the care of children. According to South Carolina law, both parents have the duty to support their children. Unless the courts split child custody exactly evenly (a rare and unlikely event) in a divorce case, one parent will have greater custody of children than the other.

It is the custodial parent’s duty to take care of the children’s health, happiness, and wellbeing. It is the non-custodial parent’s duty to pay money to the custodial parent. A child support order makes the non-custodial parent legally obligated to pay the custodial parent for the care and wellbeing of minor shared children. The child support responsibility will continue until the children turn 18, or until the child graduates from high school (sometimes longer for children with disabilities).

How Do the Courts in Fort Mill Calculate Child Support?

The goal of a child support arrangement is to make sure the children receive the money they need for food, education, health, and happiness. The courts will strive to create an agreement that allows the children of the marriage to enjoy the same standards of living they had when their parents were married. The courts will analyze both parents’ gross income, the number of children, custody arrangement, alimony, children’s medical expenses, amount of monthly child care, and other factors to calculate an appropriate child support payment amount.

The South Carolina Department of Social Services provides a child support calculator to help parents get an estimate of what one spouse might have to pay to the other. Keep in mind, however, that this calculator is just an estimate and may not be indicative of the actual amount you or your spouse may or may not receive. A conversation with a Fort Mill child custody attorney is the best way to get answers to your child support questions. A spouse can petition the courts to change the amount of child support after the official decree if circumstances change substantially.

Why You Should Hire a Fort Mill Child Support Lawyer

Always talk to a Fort Mill family lawyer child support lawyer prior to filing for legal separation or divorce in South Carolina if children are involved. Even seemingly simple cases can get out of hand if your spouse isn’t cooperating or you have a situation that deviates from the norm. David W. Martin has experience handling complex child support and custody cases in Fort Mill. We can help you fight for the child support settlement your children need. Trust your case with our law firm and experience the difference a great family lawyer can make.

Not only does our Fort Mill child support lawyer team take your child support orders seriously, but we also take them personally. We understand that child support orders determine the way you can continue to parent your children. It’s such an important part of your life, we will make sure that your child support payment is as fair as possible and benefits your child effectively. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.


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