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How to Deal with Your Divorce at Work

Divorce is an intensely emotional experience, but despite all the hardships you might encounter as you go through the process of dissolving your marriage, you will still need to get your work done and keep your life from totally falling apart. What can you do to get through this difficult process while continuing to be professional and productive?

We compiled a list of tips that will help you deal with your divorce while at work:

  • Consider taking a few days off: You can’t avoid work forever, obviously, but if you are able to take time off, consider taking a few days off at the start of your split, no matter who initiated it. The first few days are going to be a bit rough and you are probably going to feel a vast range of emotions, ranging from angry to depressed or disappointed, which might make it near impossible to focus on your job. Taking a few days off will give you the opportunity to engage in a bit of self-care, so you can return to work feeling more stable and ready to move forward. You will still have more bad days, but at least you will have given yourself a chance to properly grieve the end of your marriage.
  • Have a conversation with your boss: You certainly do not need to dive into the details of why your marriage failed, so consider sparing your boss those facts. Instead, just let him or her know you are going through a divorce and that you might need to miss work or leave early to attend court dates or mediation sessions. If you think you can hide this major life event from your boss, this is an unrealistic expectation. Don’t get confessional during this talk, but don’t avoid it either.
  • Focus on what matters: You’re at work, so you should be focusing on the task at hand rather than on your divorce. Do what you can to keep your mind off the divorce during work hours, such as holding off on responding to divorce-related messages or talking about the divorce with your co-workers. Instead, stay busy with work and distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts by taking a couple of short breaks throughout the day to clear your mind and relieve stress. No one is suggesting you repress your feelings, but there is a time and place for that and work is not the place.

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